How do I sign off of Facebook Messenger on iPhone and iPad.

How do I log out of Facebook Messenger on iPhone and iPad



The pop-out chat bubbles within the Facebook Messenger app get a touch an excessive amount of sometimes, especially once you are using your iPhone for a few serious work. While there are many options to make sure Messenger remains within the background, sometimes it’s not enough. And increase it, there’s no straightforward thanks to sign off (not surprised, Facebook!). Don’t worry! I even have found two methods using which you’ll sign off of Facebook Messenger on your iPhone and iPad. Let’s check them out!


How to sign off of Messenger on iPhone and iPad
Using the Facebook app
Open the Facebook app.
Tap the hamburger icon (three vertical lines).
Scroll to rock bottom and locate ‘Settings and Privacy‘ followed by Settings from the dropdown.
Tap ‘Security and Login’.
Now, under the ‘Where you’re logged in‘ section, locate your device.
As you’ll see within the screenshot, there are two iPhone X. While one has the Facebook app written at rock bottom (Active Now), the opposite has Messenger for iOS.
Tap three vertical dots next to the device with Messenger for iOS.
A flag from rock bottom will appear; tap sign off .
Using the Messenger app
Open the Messenger app on your iPhone and tap your profile at the highest left corner.
Go to ‘Account Settings.’
Now tap ‘Security and login.’
You’ll be redirected to an internet page. The screen will ask you to login together with your Facebook credentials.Tap on profile and attend Account Settings in Messenger app on iPhone
You’ll find an equivalent list of logged-in devices. Tap three vertical dots next to your messenger device and tap sign off .Log out of Messenger on iPhone using Messenger app
Now you recognize the way to sign out of Facebook messenger on iOS?
Unlike other chat platforms, Facebook Messenger doesn’t provide an immediate ‘tap and log out’ choice to users. I hope the steps mentioned above acquainted you with the hidden trick to sign off of Messenger. If there’s anything you would like me to assist with, please be happy to share it within the comment section.

Follow the image steps below don’t forget to share

Tap hamburger icon and go to settings in Facebook app on iPhone

Log out of Messenger using Facebook app on iPhone

Tap on profile and go to Account Settings in Messenger app on iPhone

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