How to search for YouTube Videos by Hashtag

How to Search for YouTube Videos by Hashtag


There are tons of various ways to seek out something on YouTube. you’ll look for titles, narrow it down by channel, or maybe filter things by video length and date. But did you recognize you’ll look for YouTube videos by hashtag?

Hashtags aren’t as prominent on YouTube as they’re on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Videos that include hashtags display them above the video title. These hashtags are visible on the YouTube website and mobile apps.
hashtag on a video
There are a few of various ways you’ll find videos by hashtag. the foremost common method is by simply selecting a hashtag from a video you’re watching. Just tap or click the hashtag above the title.
tap the hashtag
You’ll be delivered to a fanatical landing page for that hashtag. The page will show what percentage videos include the hashtag and the way many channels are using it.
hashtag landing page
It’s also possible to easily enter the hashtag within the YouTube search box. This isn’t the simplest method because you’ll get results associated with the hashtag, not only videos that use the hashtag.
search by hashtag
If you’d wish to get really specific, you’ll append the URL with whatever hashtag you would like to look at . This only works if you’re viewing YouTube during a browser and not within the mobile app for Android, iPhone, or iPad.
append the url
This will take you on to the hashtag landing page (like this).
hashtag landing page
The hashtag landing pages aren’t sorted in chronological order. YouTube automatically keeps the “best” videos at the highest .


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