Disney + is making those who own a Samsung TV desperate!

 I quickly realized that things were not going to go very well. In my particular case, I don’t really need subtitles. But I have people at home who need them. The point is that if you want to see a series on Disney + with subtitles I only have two chances. Either I put the subtitles in such a small size that we need to be glued to the TV, or I only see half of them. All of this because they come very low. So if you put them in a bigger size, it will be cut in half.


This is a widespread and there are several people on the verge of a nervous breakdown, as several forums reveal, including the Samsung official. The affected people have tried everything. Contact Disney + itself which in most cases pushes to Samsung and vice versa. So there is not much to do. Between promises and says he said the problem continues to drag on for months and what is certain is that someone has a lot to learn from Netflix where everything works perfectly.


How did they prefer to see? As it appears in the image cut below:

Img 2695

Img 2695

Or with the size shown in the next image:

Img 2696
Img 2696

I’m sincere. When I came across this bug I still thought. It is certainly something that will be resolved soon. However, so many months pass and no one does anything, I find it unbelievable.

It really bothers me. The idea of ​​this type of platform is to entertain whenever we want to see a series. It ends up being much more expensive to have Disney +, especially if it is not generic.

Here is the alert for this problem and I sincerely hope that someone can resolve this situation. This has led some people to use external boxes connected to the Samsung TV to be able to see the Disney + in conditions. It goes without saying that this is completely silly for anyone who bought a top-of-the-range Samsung 2020 TV or even another older model.


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