Top 7 land YouTube Channels you should Follow in 2021 To Reach success .

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When I consider what proportion information is out there now compared to 10 years ago, it’s really astonishing. With a couple of clicks and searches, you’ll find legitimately useful and actionable information about almost any land niche you’ll consider .

As a content creator working during this space, it’s only natural that I watch tons of videos from who are talking about similar things in similar subjects as what I’m talking about.

The average viewer usually doesn’t realize what proportion work goes into ONE solid video on YouTube.

You need to possess something worthwhile to mention .
You have to mention it well.
You need to be presentable in how you look.
Your video must be shot within the right surroundings, with good audio and lighting.
You can’t continue too long or be boring, but you furthermore may need to explain it tolerably in order that it’s thorough.
When I see videos from people who execute this stuff well, i actually respect that sort of labor , because i do know how hard it’s to try to to it right.

I have tons of respect for every of those people… and if i feel it’s worth my time to observe their videos, it’s probably worth some time too!


Ken McElroy may be a well-known and well-respected figure within the land investing space online. I first learned about him over a decade ago once I read his book The ABCs of land Investing and it blew my mind. Take a glance at any content he’s written or topics he has talked about and you’ll probably see pretty quickly, he’s excellent at explaining complicated topics during a way that’s easy to know .
Every time I start watching Ken’s YouTube videos, even once I don’t think I’ll care much about what he’s discussing, I always get “hooked” and find yourself watching the entire thing, because he’s an excellent communicator and he knows his stuff alright . If you’re not already subscribed to his channel, make certain to see it out, and you’ll visit his website here.


If you would like to ascertain a true estate investing content creator who is killing it on YouTube, look no further than Max Maxwell. This guy has some fascinating and interesting videos that are tons of fun to observe .
It’s clear he has put tons of effort into making great videos, and if you’re trying to find some inspiration, his channel is completely worth subscribing to. you’ll also inspect his website here.


I’ve followed Clint Coons for tons of years now, and he’s probably the foremost prominent attorney figure i do know of who focuses specifically on the problems that land investors care about. He speaks on to tons of the continued issues we all need to face within the land business.
The tricky thing about legal issues in any business is that, if you’re not actually an attorney (and most experienced land investors are not), you can’t give “legal advice” unless you would like to ask all types of liability. That’s where Clint shines because he’s an attorney, so he’s actually got the knowledge and credibility to mention things that carry some weight, and his advice is usually on point!

If you would like to find out more about him, you’ll also find his website here.


Kris Haskins has been putting out videos for tons of years no, and he’s got tens of thousands of loyal subscribers permanently reason. His videos are pretty basic with no fancy camera tricks or high-end production value, but that’s a part of the magic. the worth is in what he’s saying and therefore the incontrovertible fact that he’s one among the closest belongings you can find to a real-life mentor online.

Whenever I see his videos, I desire I’m sitting next to an experienced coach who explains all the tricks of the trade and tells me what i want to understand , what i want to observe out for, and what sorts of things are worth my time to pursue and find out .

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one among his videos without getting an enormous , helpful takeaway from it. This channel is certainly worth subscribing to! you’ll also find his website here.


Chad Carson has been an honest friend of mine for a couple of years now, and after hanging out with him at several different conferences, I can say he really is that the same guy on-camera as he’s off-camera – very humble, down-to-earth, and prepared to point out you the truth of what does and doesn’t work for house investors.

As a BiggerPockets author, blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, and speaker – he’s developed a loyal following because he features a lot of practical advice to supply .


I’ve watched tons of Matt Faircloth’s videos over the years and he does an excellent job of helping people see opportunities and giving his audience a real-life glimpse of the way to create value and make money with land .

I especially like his videos when he gives walkthrough tours of properties he’s performing on because I can get a glimpse of what’s involved within the day-to-day of his business.

The guy clearly features a gift for showing and explaining how he’s making his business work. this is often an excellent channel to subscribe to!


I discovered Kristina’s YouTube channel this past year once I was checking out information about modular homes, and WOW, this lady may be a wealth of data thereon subject. I felt like i used to be a pseudo-expert on the topic after watching only one of 7-minute videos.

Kristina may be a licensed land agent in Louisiana and she or he talks a few lot of other things on her channel also , including tiny homes, market trends, DIY projects which will add value to a home, and tons of other things. She does an excellent job together with her videos and her channel may be a great one to subscribe .


I couldn’t land up this list without including the REtipster YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for?!

On our channel, we talk tons about the important estate investing strategies we all know the foremost about. We also do tons of reviews on the software and services available to land investors and that we have tons of videos that specify a number of the confusing terminology and jargon utilized in the important estate industry.

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